A Critical Discourse Analysis of Boris Johnson’s Speech on Corona Pandemic: An Application of Three-Dimensional Model of Norman Fairclough


  • Zeeshan Haider
  • Dr. Munir Gujjar


Impression markers, NHS, SOP's


This study aims to analyzing the use of impression markers, main theme, and description of the social and cultural implication of the speech delivered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The research data comprised of the speech which Mr. Boris Johnson delivered on April 27, 2020, after he recovered from Corona virus attack. In this speech, he assured the people of England that the government is standing by them in this hour of difficulty. He appreciated the efforts made by NHS against the Pandemic. He also appreciated the patience of the people of England for following the SOP’s given by government. He informed the people that England is going to enter into the second phase of COVID19 and it could only be defeated if they (people) keep on following the instructions given by the government and NHS. He used different impression markers in his speech to make coherence, to emphasize his key points, and to grab the attention of the audience. The audience' comments below the YouTube video showed that he successfully convinced people for being calm and hopeful.