Review Process

Paper Submission:

Authors are welcome to submit their papers / articles in the following fields / areas of the Linguistics:

  • Syntax ▪  Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Morphology ▪  Local languages
  • Phonology ▪  Sociolinguistics
  • Semantics ▪  Psycholinguistics
  • Discourse ▪  Second Language Acquisition
  • Pragmatics

Review Process:

Submitted papers are firstly reviewed by the editor. Later, the selected papers are sent to local and foreign reviewers for the review. This process takes one (01) to three (03) months.

Note: The papers that do not fall under the scope of journal are rejected and sent back to the authors.

Publication Process:

The reviewed papers are then sent to the authors to revise and resubmit the papers accordingly. After revision, the papers are again reviewed by editor and then sent for publication.