Trends of Avoiding Pronunciation and Adapting Enunciation


  • Rakhshanda Fawad
  • Noreen Akhtar


Language, Pronunciation, Enunciation


The main purpose of the study is to find out the trend of avoiding pronunciation and adapting enunciation among students. A sample of 50 students are taken on the convenient basis from available, on the particular days of visit, from the three different colleges. The data is collected through the questionnaire. The questions of the questionnaire are about the issues why students adapt enunciation in their speaking instead of proper and correct pronunciation and how these issues can be solved. The data is analyzed and interpret based on percentages of responses. The major findings of the study show that students do not learn basics about second language (English) during school time because teacher are not trained well. Overall, the student’s basic concepts are not clear, and they do not know the right pronunciation, so they use enunciation in their speaking to cover their problem. So, it is recommended that teacher should emphasized on speaking strategies, and this will only be possible through qualified and trained teachers.




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