Dehumanization of Trans-Queers on Media: A Visual Analysis


  • Asma Iqbal
  • Farah Iqbal
  • Mohammad Naveed Arshad


Transgenders, Gaze, Vector, Salience, Dehumanization, Visuals


The present article aims to analyze the visuals of transgenders by Pakistani media. The most popular movie, BOL was selected for visual analysis. All the events were discussed briefly that how trans-genders were dehumanized in Pakistan by the media. The media always portrays the existing culture of the society. Kress and Leeuwen’s modal were used to analyze the visuals because it is a strong tool to analyze the images. Gaze vector and salience have been used to study the visuals of trans-genders. Moreover, the present study reveals that trans-genders were badly dehumanized, and they are not able to establish themselves financially because of society. People abuse them, use them, and never allowed them to be respectful members of society. The researcher also suggests some techniques for the positive portrayal of trans-genders by media based on Kress and Leeuwen’s (2006) model. The media should stop presenting them negatively and the trans-genders must be able to get their basic rights of living as a supreme court of Pakistan also allow them. The media should teach people, to show some respect and let them live and enjoy their lives.




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