Use of Appropriateness in Sidhwa’s ‘Water’, and ‘Their Language of Love’: Measurement on A Continuum


  • Syed Alamdar Nabi
  • Lubna Yasir
  • Arshad Saleem


Appropriateness, Post-colonial, Continuum of Language in literature


This paper aimed at investigating the approximation of the usage of ‘Appropriateness’ between two novels of Bapsi Sidhwa naming Water (2006) and a collection of short stories, Their Language of Love (2013). The qualitative approach was adopted, and the content of the original text was analyzed through Key Words in Context (KWIC). The elements of appropriateness (Ashcroft, B., Griffiths, G., & Tiffin, H., 2002) were applied to elicit data from the text. The words and verbal tokens were the outcomes, which were further categorized into the predominant themes and concepts. The frequency-based collected data were analyzed. The classified data of “Their Language of Love” was compared with the previous study on, “Water” about Appropriateness. This analysis supplied enough evidence to support the hypothesis that Sidhwa has reduced the use of the technique of Appropriateness in her work. On the continuum, the techniques of Appropriateness are reduced in their appearance in the later work of Sidhwa. The data show that appropriateness has been decreased in its approximation on the continuum.