Plural Marking in Pothowari: A Descriptive Account


  • Muhammad Omer
  • Muhammad Javed Iqbal
  • Hafiz Muhammad Qasim


plural marking, dialect, language, case markers, Pothowari


The purpose of this paper is to document the features of plural marking in Pothowari. Pahari, Pothowari, and Mirpuri that are three significant yet mutually intelligible dialects of the Pahari Pothowari language. Pothowari is spoken in Pakistan’s northern central region, particularly in the districts of Jhelum and Rawalpindi. Pothowari literature is scarce in recorded form; it has been perpetuated orally through traditional tales, anecdotes, and indigenous poetry. The oral data for the current study was gathered from residents of the Jhelum region and its vicinity. The transcribed data is used to describe plural forms. This article is a modest contribution to the documentation of the regional variety spoken in Pakistan’s Punjab province.




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